Screen_shot_2012-04-02_at_1.08.09_PM.pngPodcasting means making digital audio and video files available on the internet in such a way that others can set their computers to automatically download or listen as you post them.

Helpful website : Creating Podcasting Using GarageBand

Podcast #1
Create a 1 minute (minimum 30 seconds of voice recording) podcast news using Winnipeg Free Press. The podcast must be complete with voice recording, music and sound effects-all copyright free.
here for Winnipeg Free Press e-Edition. Save the podcast as fpnews_yourname. upload it as an MP3 and upload to this page beside your name.

Step 1. Read over the news and pick one topic that interests you. Then, make a summary that you can record about 30~60 seconds.
(upload your summary as an Word file)

Step 2. Create a Podcast in GrageBand - your voice, music, and sound effects if you need.
Step 3. Upload it as an MP3 to the page "Podcasts"

Sample Music
Sample Laughter
Free Sounds
Free Music

Podcast #2
Create a jokecast. find a CLEAN joke (anything not clean will not be marked!!!)
Post it your name page in this main class wiki. Remember to
upload your joke summary as an Word file.

Your podcast will consist of :
  • Intro music -panned appropriately
  • A clean joke - recorded by you speaking
  • Laughter and applause - panned and timed appropriately
  • Ending music - panned and timed appropriately

Podcast #3

Make a Ringtone as an enrichment activity